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HomenewsSvätokatarínska tasting young wines 2023

Svätokatarínska tasting young wines 2023

Svätokatarínska tasting young wines 2023, XXII year, Friday, 1. December 2023 o 16.30 h. in the Modra Cultural Center on Sokolská Street no. 8 in Blue with the following program:

– Welcoming guests and attendees – Vincent Jakubec, President of the Vincúr Association

– Evaluation of the vineyard year 2023 – Ing. Vladimír Sodoma

– Blessing of young wines – Evangelical and Catholic priest

– Friendly neighborhood tasting of wine samples brought by Fr 17.00 throw.


Organizational instructions: Admission 12,- EUR or 2 samples of young vintage wine 2023 (1 sample á 3 bottles), deposit for the cup 2,- EUR.


All Catherines, Katky, Of course, Katusky have free entry.



Our association was the first in Slovakia to come up with the aforementioned tradition of tasting young wines, thereby establishing the tradition of tasting young wines before their official launch on the market, where, in a friendly atmosphere, professional and amateur winemakers from Modra and the surrounding area will mutually praise and evaluate their young wines.

Why St. Catherine's young wines? Especially for the reason, that at the end of November we can already taste the first Slovak young white and rose wines, which are already removed from the yeast and clarified and that's it, that fans of this delicious juice will be able to enjoy their captivating aroma and fresh acidity typical of the Small Carpathian varieties, which were collected in the months of September and October. How is young wine categorized in accordance with Act no. 313/2009 Z. with. about viticulture and winemaking? A wine with a protected designation of origin can be labeled with the words "young wine"., if the wine is filled into consumer packaging by the end of the calendar year at the latest, in which the grapes used to make this wine were harvested. Such wine can be put on the market at the earliest on the first Monday of November of the grape harvest year.


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