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HomenewsVITIS AUREA MODRA 2024 – an invitation

VITIS AUREA MODRA 2024 – an invitation

We invite you to the largest wine tasting exhibition in Slovakia - Vitis Aurea Modra 2024.

At the exhibition you will be able okoštovat the best wines, which will be evaluated by professional tasters.

International wine exhibition VITIS AUREA MODRA 2024 will be held 22. 03. 2023 /Friday from 14.00 do 21.00 h / a 23. 03. 2023 /Saturday from 14.00 do 21.00 hod/.

Presentation of awards and diplomas will be on Friday at 16.00 throw.

Already XXIII. annual exhibition will take place on the premises Hotel SEBASTIAN, DUKELSKÁ 4, 90001, Blue.

A natural feature of our exhibition will be the pouring of offered wines by wine professionals - members of the Vincúr association, who are happy to answer any of your curious questions and are already looking forward to your visit.

Come and enjoy the exceptional atmosphere at Červený Kameň Castle, that you will enjoy delicious wines, excellent atmosphere and you will feel good at the VITIS AUREA MODRA exhibition.

Presidency of the association Vincúr: Vincent Jakubec, chairman of the association Vincúr, Vladimír Poláček, Rastislav Net, Arthur Soldán, Juraj Štiglic




It competes in categories:

I. White still wines (residual sugar to 4 g/l)

II. White still wines (residual sugar from 4 – 45 g/l)

III. Silent pink wines (residual sugar to 45 g/l)

IV. Red silent wines (residual sugar to 12 g/l)

V. Naturally sweet wines regardless of color, including Tokaj wines (residual sugar above 45 g/l)

WE. Sparkling wines

Tickets – Vitis Aurea Modra 2024

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Tasting of award-winning Vitis Aurea Modra wines 2024

Package for 2 persons: Tasting of award-winning Vitis Aurea Modra wines 2024



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